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Hi, I'm Bec, founder of Creative Seed Co. I'm all about helping brands grow on socials by increasing brand visibility, building connections, helping you to show up confidently and consistently.


By using creative custom strategies that are right for YOU and YOUR business, there's no one size fits all option here at Creative Seed Co 


Are you ready to ditch the feeling of overwhelm?

Do you dread thinking about your socials?


Are you ready to stop wasting time trying to work out what and when to post, or are you just looking to free up more of your time to focus on growing the other aspects of your business?

Let's chat!

Book your FREE 20-minute consultation and let's get growing!


Social Media Management

The juggle is real when it comes to growing your business and your socials simultaneously, PLUS we all know how multitasking takes a toll on results. 


I'll take care of the social side so you can concentrate on growing the other aspects of your business. 

Maybe you need a hand with tackling your DM's, engagement, or are ready to hand it all over - I can customise something that works for you. 

Social Media Audit

This 40-page document covers everything from the betty basics, ensuring your foundations are right, your accounts are optimised and ready for growth.


I offer a 1.5 hour session to walk through your social media analytics to help you review content performance and how you can use them to adjust your current strategy. 

Social Media Strategy

Strategy, it's a word that so many people freak out about.


It's really just a fancy way of aligning your overall business goals with meaningful social media goals, and having a plan on how to best execute it with a better understanding of your audience.


This will help you to create thoughtful content to engage and connect with them. 


Plus, I look at how YOU can use collaborations and other ideas to grow - no copy and paste strategies here! 

Content Creation

We all know how powerful the right content can be, so if you need a hand to get it right, this could be the perfect option for you.

New Service Coming Soon

Watch this space!

Join my creative community.



I've been working in social media services, management and strategy for 4 years, working with a variety of clients from different industries including fashion/retail, to hospital/health care, beauty & custom cakes. 

I'm really passionate about working with small businesses!



"When it comes to consistent reliability, Bec is second to none. 

She is absolutely crucial to my business and I couldn’t be without her. 

Her dedication sees her go above and beyond and she continues to exceed my expectations daily.  She treats my business like her

own and I value the extra time and effort she provides. 

I love how she is constantly expanding her knowledge across all

social media platforms and is always up to date with the ever-changing trends across the board. 

Thank you Bec, you are so appreciated."

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