A social media strategist, SMM, and content creator who has a thing for cheese, chocolate... donuts..  and wine!


Food is the way to this gal's heart

(so take note, I can be talked into just about

anything with the promise of good food and wine...)


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I love a good morning routine, I once was a night owl but now I'm up and at group fitness by 5 am, who even am I...


I ask myself this all the time but it sets me up well for the day ahead and oh-so-good for my mental health too. 

My other loves are being beachside with my fam, trashy TV(I'm in a committed relationship with Grey's Anatomy - 16 seasons in), and cheering on other small biz babes who are giving it their all. 



I'm all about helping brands grow on socials by increasing brand visibility, building connections, helping you to show up confidently, and consistently.


By using creative custom strategies that are right for YOU and YOUR business, there's NO one size fits all option here at Creative Seed Co.

Creative Seed Co. has three core values that are weaved into what I do every day:


  • Kindness

  • Transparency, and

  • Communication


Hey, I'm Bec!